Planning a Celebration of Life

Cremation services Flint, MI

Are you planning to give a perfect send-off to a departed soul after cremation services Flint, MI‌? This event marks an important chapter in the life of the bereaved family as it pays one final tribute to the deceased as well as helps in expediting the healing journey.

Typically, a celebration of life service is held after physical remains have been cared for through burial or cremation. Before getting started, remember that this service isn’t all a somber affair. It rather focuses on saying goodbye, guests can come together to celebrate a life well lived. Thus, the idea is to highlight the personal life of the loved one, their achievements, and what they valued.

Here’s everything you need to know about the celebration of life to get started:

1. Personalize the Event as Much as Possible

Compared to a traditional funeral, the celebration of life can and should be personalized. It should reflect the life of the lost loved one to the guests. The family has ample time to think of creative ways to make them even as memorable as possible.

For instance, if the departed soul loved cooking, the food served at the celebration of life could include some of your loved one’s favorite dishes. Similarly, you can ask the guests to dress in a particular attire, say the deceased’s favorite baseball team.

By personalizing the service to your loved one, you are celebrating all the important things that occurred in their life.

2. Send the Invitation List

First, make a list of the people you want to invite to the event. Compared to a funeral service, which is often open to the public, celebrations of life often have a smaller, focused group of people for which the life of the deceased was most meaningful.

The number of guests invited dictates several other decisions. Make a list of the people you think would want to attend such a celebration. And then, start sending formal invitations or use modern ways of calls, SMS, and social media platforms.

3. When the Celebration is Held

Since the event is held after the final disposition of the body, it can be planned at a time that would be convenient for the majority of guests. If you want to make it a bit more personal, choose a significant date like the loved one’s birthday or the wedding anniversary.

4. Where Should the Celebration Take Place

The family can arrange this event anywhere they want. Mostly, the location is determined by the number of individuals who are invited to the celebration. You can arrange it in the funeral home or the loved one’s family home. A private or public venue like a hotel can also be used.Cremation services Flint, MI

5. Ask The Guests to Speak If They Want

Nothing brings more comfort and solace than hearing words honoring your loved one. Ask the guests to speak a few words in their memory, like maybe sharing a story or highlighting their notable traits.

The more informal nature of the celebration of life makes the experience less threatening and intimidating to people who often shy from speaking in front of an audience. The event can take place after cremation services Flint, MI‌.

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