Why Choose Detroit Cremation?

The dream of Adam Martin, Detroit Cremation Society was established to inspire those families who choose simple, affordable & worry-free cremation to celebrate their loved ones with all of the same beauty and passion for which they lived their lives. Detroit Cremation Society’s hospitality focused celebration experiences will help usher in a new generation of end of life celebrations.

Today, cremation has become America’s most prominent form of disposition. Detroit Cremation Society was founded for “Those that just want cremation…” Their focus on cremation families will allow them to assist families while providing a “Worry-Free” experience. A deep belief in transparency will give comfort to families choosing a cremation for the first time.

Detroit Cremation Society’s remarkable facilities were designed to create a modern and comfortable place for funerals, celebrations of life and quiet final goodbyes. It’s their expectation that today’s cremation families will be creative and will desire a celebration event space suitable for these memorial opportunities.

As word spreads of Detroit Cremation Society’s commitment to the future, families will choose to provide their families with the peace of mind of a pre-paid service. Detroit Cremation Society’s “Worry-Free” promise is extended to their prepaid arrangement process, leading Michigander’s to say why they chose Detroit Cremation Society, “They made all of it easier.”

Our Philosphy

To connect families to simple, affordable and worry-free options for services for their loved ones. Allowing for beautiful and modern celebrations under the direction of a professional team in a hospitality focused company.