How to Write A Captivating Eulogy

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Want to write an effective eulogy to read after cremation services Flint, MI? The best eulogies are respectful while highlighting the best traits of the deceased’s personality.


What is the purpose of the eulogy?

A kind method for someone close to the departed to show their respects during the funeral service is through a eulogy, also known as a funeral speech. The speech usually pays honor to the deceased person’s personality and memory while reflecting on their life and accomplishments.

If you are planning to deliver a memorable eulogy to honor your loved one, here are a few important things to bear in mind – starting from its outline:

1.  Eulogy Outline

Honestly Speaking, there is no gold standard or template for a eulogy. But it’s better to summarize the details in an orderly fashion to grab the attention. Traditionally, a eulogy can be divided into three major steps, starting with a captivating introduction, a brief middle section, and a pessimistic concluding paragraph.

What makes a beautiful eulogy?

The most effective eulogies are solemn and polite while also providing some light relief for the grieving. If it fits the character of the person being roasted and the family is amusing, a little roasting is OK. You should end your eulogy by thanking the deceased directly.

a. Introduction

Introduce yourself and your relationship to the deceased, and thank everyone for coming on behalf of the family. It should be around a minute or two.

b. Middle Section

Start with the deceased’s life details. It should give the highlights of their place of birth, family lineage, education, work, marriage, children, hobbies, religion, community involvement, awards, accomplishments, places lived, travel, and hobbies. Don’t go into the details as this will make your speech dry and boring

Next, share a memory or two that allows one or more characteristics of the person to shine; something that will resonate with anyone who knew them. Here, include the moments you were part of or you vividly remember. It’s recommended to aim for 2 or 3 stories

And lastly, honor their legacy. Connect the theme you’ve developed in the stories, memories, and introduction. Show with words how the person was loving, caring, and kind who contributed to the community and nation.

c. Closing

Try to close with a story, quote, or illustration. Use a couple of brief sentences to wrap things up. End by simply saying “Thank you.”


2. Simple Rules for Eulogy

Follow the tips below to better your eulogy.

a. Keep it Precise

The very first rule, keep your eulogy short. It shouldn’t look like a descriptive essay so as not to make your audience bored. Be sure to summarize the individual’s life without going into every detail. As a rough estimate, limit the eulogy to approximately 1000 words which should take around 6-8 minutes to deliver.

b. Be Original

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Focus on the positive without exaggerating the eulogy. Chances are most of the guests already know a lot about the deceased, so don’t try to make the person look like an angel. Remember that a good eulogy can admit the person’s faults but also highlight their strengths. Don’t skip their major accomplishments, notable achievements, volunteer work, spouse and children, and passions.

c. Set a Theme

Stating the obvious, there’s no way you can fully sum up a person’s life in a short funeral speech. It’s best to use a central story, phrase, or quote as a motif. It should capture several unique aspects of their life and personality.

d. Always Write It Down

Unless you’re an experienced public speaker, don’t rely on notes or a bare outline. Write out each word you want to say. And before delivering it in front of the audience, practice reading it aloud to make sure the sentences flow. If possible, do this in front of a mirror or a family member, and time yourself from start to finish.



Who usually gives a eulogy?

The person who delivers the eulogy speech at a funeral or cremation service is not subject to any strict guidelines. It is often offered by people who had a close relationship or were very close to the deceased loved one. It might be your closest friend, your partner, your kids or grandchildren, or even a coworker.


Now that you have an idea on how to write a captivating eulogy, hopefully, this helps you prepare for a  cremation service in Flint, MI. If you need immediate help, don’t hesitate to contact us at Detroit Cremation Society.

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