Honoring Death Anniversaries

Cremation services in Grand Blanc, MI

Cremation services Grand Blanc, MI, help you say goodbye. One of the pillars of a strong relationship is that it remains intact even after the loved one is passed away. Even though they are not present physically, their memory keeps them alive in your heart.

Celebrating the death anniversary conveys a strong message that how much you miss the loved one and do anything to keep their legacy alive. Are you short of ideas about how to make the loved one’s death anniversary memorable and thoughtful?

Here are some thoughts on how to remember loved ones as the years go by.

1. Take the Day Off

First things first, mark this day on your calendar and make sure you don’t have any work commitments or otherwise. It’s going to be a tough day. The grief may have subdued a little, but it may renew on this special day

Take the day off from work. Don’t plan any big activities, and feel free to skip some daily chores. Set aside time to remember the departed soul.

2. Visit Their Final Resting Place

Arguably the most traditional way to commemorate the day of your loved one’s passing is to make a trip out to the grave site and pay your respects.

Nowadays, this could be a grave at the cemetery, but it could also be a mausoleum, the place where you scattered their ashes, or (if their cremated remains are kept at home), some other meaningful location that was special to you.

Spend some time at their resting place. Want to go a step further? Plant a tree in their name.

3. Hold a Remembrance Dinner

Invite family members and friends to a special anniversary ceremony. Serve them with the loved one’s favorite food dishes or beverages. Ask them to say a word or two about the wonderful life of the departed soul.

It may happen that some people close to you feel unsure about whether they should talk about your loved one’s death. Not everyone is good with words. So, don’t get offended if someone refuses.

Note that you have tons of options for the remembrance ceremony. Anything that you might do at a funeral orCremation services in Grand Blanc, MI memorial service you can do at a death anniversary remembrance. Just do it on a smaller scale, with a little less formal feel to it. Some of the ideas include:

  • Readings, prayers, Scriptures, poems
  • Share memories and stories
  • Sing a song (for Christians, here are great hymns to sing)
  • Listen to a memorial song
  • Have a moment of silence
  • Ask others to print out and bring photos of your loved one
  • Ask others to write down their memories to keep in a memory jar
  • Leave out photo albums and scrapbooks for people to browse
  • Drink a toast to your loved one’s memory
  • Share a meal, appetizers, dessert, or potluck together

Make sure the day symbolizes your unconditional love for the deceased. It will also give you strength and motivation to excel in life, and to make your loved one proud after cremation services in Grand Blanc, MI.

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