Should You Write a Will?

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Cremation services Grand Blanc, MI, is one inevitable truth of life. Each one of us has to leave this world one day, leaving behind our families and worldly affairs. Many people don’t fathom the importance of having a Will before they die.

In all likelihood, it may be one of the most crucial documents you ever write, because it lets the family know your final wishes, how to honor your last services, and what to do with your estate and other financial matters.

If you’re still wondering why people prefer writing a will, the below reasons will clear your doubts up.

1. Divide Your Estate As You Wish

The most important benefit of having a will is to choose the persons who will receive what you own when you die. The will is a document that guarantees your financial assets are distributed among loved ones as you want.

This becomes even more important when your assets carry emotional value, for both you and the heirs. They might get into unnecessary legal troubles deciding who gets what, and the state might have to intervene to determine how your property is divided.

A will saves your family from all these hassles as they get to inherit whatever is left of your estate as per your wishes.

2. Honor Your Final Wishes

Most people choose an “executor” in the will who is tasked with settling all their leftover tasks. This person is typically a lawyer or a close family member who knows the ins and outs of legal processes associated with death.

Their primary job is related to handling the financial matters of the departed soul, like canceling credit cards, closing bank accounts, settling debts, ensuring the distribution of assets, and so on. If someone doesn’t appoint the executor, the state will oversee all these tasks, which can delay asset distribution among the heirs.

3. Save Surviving Family from Legal Issues

Probate courts have the jurisdiction to handle the distribution of your assets in the absence of a will. This can put your family in legal complications, particularly if someone in the family files a wrongful death lawsuit.

Consider the case where a son of the deceased, estranged from the family for years, suddenly comes back to receive his undue share. The court will take up the matter in its hands and may award him a legal share, even though he doesn’t deserve any.

Many other similar issues can arise while distributing your estate that can create disharmony among your family members. Mostly, it happens for unmarried couples and blended families (the deceased has children from previous marriages).

Simply put, craft a will and save your family a lot of trouble.Cremation services Grand Blanc, MI

4. Secure the Future of Your Children

What if someone dies whose children are still minor? In the case of a will, you know they are in the right hands if you leave them suddenly. You have all the time to think of the guardian who will be responsible for bringing up your kids and giving them the due ownership of your assets when they come of age if something happens to you.

Hopefully, you have enough reason to start writing you will not tomorrow but before cremation services Grand Blanc, MI, are necessary.

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