Navigating a Grief Journey

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Grief is one of the many outcomes that come naturally with cremation services Grand Blanc, MI. For most people, the grief journey is the toughest phase of life that can last from a few days to a few weeks to even a year or more.

During such overwhelming times, the bereaved try to seek comfort in different things in their dealings with society. And one important aspect is wondering why the rest of the world is unable to understand their emotions as they would have wanted.

Here are some of the “Why” and “How” questions that a grieving person typically wonders:

  • Why did it happen to me?
  • Why did God let this tragic thing happen to me?
  • Why I couldn’t save the deceased (regret and anger)?
  • Why does nobody understand y ain?
  • How can I overcome pain and feel better?
  • How the deceased would have wanted me to cope with loss?

Let us try to answer these questions hoping to make this grief journey slightly better for you.

Why Does No One Understand My Feelings?

For a bereaved person, the world suddenly starts looking different. Even the closest of friends and companions may seem distant. And if anything, the person’s inner emotions can’t be understood by another in their entirety.

Remember that grief is often accompanied by anxiety and stress and forces the bereaved to seek solace in things that may seem odd to normal people. For instance, you may be laughing one minute and sobbing the next. But you have to keep talking and express your emotions even if you feel no one understands you.

When Will I Find Peace?

If anything, grief is not always dependent on time limitations. Generally, people start returning to normalcy after a couple of weeks of the loved one’s death, but it’s not carved in stone. The grief journey may last from a few weeks to months or even more. It’s something not totally under your control.

But you can find peace in spending time with friends and family, indulging in healthy activities like exercise.

Why My Close Companions Are Avoiding Me?

A grieving person may feel his/her friends are avoiding them or becoming distant. It may be true for some of them, but they are not worth the blame. Many people shy away from the topic of death and feel uncomfortable.Cremation services Grand Blanc, MI

Also, some of your friends may be thinking of giving you some space to cope with the loss and return to normal life. Don’t be afraid of reaching out to your friends and having a heartier conversation. But if someone still wants to keep their distance, don’t push and move on with your life.

Should I Stick With the Prescribed Medication If I Don’t Want it?

Don’t do anything if you’re not comfortable with especially when grieving the loss of a loved one. Not all people feel relief from the medication prescribed by their doctor or therapist.

If you’re unsure or feel uncomfortable about them, just be honest with them and say no. Ask them to change the medication course. Cremation services Grand Blanc, MI, lay your loved one to rest but alter your own life.

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