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NOTE: If burying the cremated remains, certain cemeteries require the purchase of an approved urn or urn vault for burial.

NOTE: The prices quoted above are for decedents of an average weight and height. If a decedent does not fall within an average weight or height, then varying prices may be charged accordingly.

Why People Get Cremated: The Better Option Than Burial

There are a number of reasons why people choose cremation over burial. Some people believe that cremation is a more environmentally-friendly option, while others see it as a way to celebrate the life of their loved ones. Whatever the reason, cremation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for final disposition. We will explore some of the reasons why people choose cremation and why it is often seen as a better option than burial.

Reasons why cremation is better

So why do many people get cremated and why is it better? Here are the reasons why:

Reason #1: It has a much lower cost.

Cremation is cheaper than burial. The average cost of a funeral is $8000. The average cost of cremation services is only $2000. You don’t need to buy a casket, which can be expensive, and you don’t need to pay for a burial plot. Cremation is also less labor-intensive than burial, so you don’t have to pay for a lot of the required services for a traditional funeral.

It's crucial to remember that planning a cremation is neither an alternative to nor a rejection of a traditional funeral when calculating expenditures. Cremation, on the other hand, is just one option for disposing of your body. To put it another way, whether you choose cremation for yourself or someone you care about, you can still have a wake/visitation and/or a religious or secular ceremony before the cremation.

How much does cremation cost in Michigan?

The average cost of cremation in Michigan is roughly $2,000. A memorial ceremony or visitation, embalming, and a coffin are all included with this fee. Direct cremation is substantially less expensive for people who choose a low-cost solution.

Reason #2: Cremation is more environmentally-friendly.

Cremation is more environmentally-friendly than burial. When you are cremated, your body is reduced to ashes that can be scattered or buried. This process doesn’t require the use of a casket, vault, or embalming fluids.

Caskets and burial vaults are made of materials that take centuries to decompose, such as steel, concrete, and hardwoods. The production of these materials has a negative impact on the environment.

Many cremated ashes options do not necessitate any land use, such as storing them in an urn at home or dispersing them in a meaningful location. Even if you chose to bury the urn or place it in a columbarium, the amount of land needed is still less than burying a casket or coffin. Many cremated ashes options do not necessitate any land use, such as storing them in an urn at home or dispersing them in a meaningful location. Even if you chose to bury the urn or place it in a columbarium, the amount of land needed is still less than burying a casket or coffin.

What's the point of getting cremated?

The majority of people consider cremation to be a method of returning the body to nature. The decomposition process is slowed when someone is buried in the earth. People believe cremation to be more empowering than waiting. Their cremated remains might be spread and returned to the ground.

Reason #3: It is more flexible than burial.

With cremation, you have options for what to do with your remains. You can scatter them in a place that was meaningful to you, bury them in a cemetery, or keep them in an urn as many cremation providers can help you with that. You can even have a portion of your ashes made into jewelry! The options are endless.

It is typical for intimate family members to hold a private viewing of the deceased and/or see the start of the cremation process before holding a larger memorial or scattering service weeks, months, or even years later. This allows loved ones to focus on the immediate nature of their grief rather than the numerous details required to quickly plan a funeral and committal service.

Reasons #4: The ashes are portable.

Once the ashes are available, they can be transported and scattered or stored in an urn with little to no hassle. This is ideal for those who travel frequently or have close family members living in different parts of the world.

If your loved one died abroad, it is very costly to send the deceased in a casket back to your country. However, with cremation, you can easily transport the ashes in an urn by carry-on luggage.

How long can you keep human ashes?

You can't go wrong whether you bury or display the urn that carries your loved one's ashes. The ashes will not degrade, dissolve, or fade in any way.

Reason #5: Cremation is just simple and straightforward.

A cremation service is far less complicated than a burial service. When people choose to bury a loved one, they usually opt for a traditional funeral service in addition to the burial. You'll need to coordinate with the cemetery, recruit pallbearers, schedule a visitation, and much more in this situation. While some people prefer to combine a traditional funeral with cremation, a celebration of life or memorial ceremony are more commonly associated with and amenable to being combined with a cremation. In the days following the loss, while your family is still grieving and processing the news, these ceremonies require less organization.

The cremation process is simple and doesn't require embalming, a casket, or a vault. You can even get creative with how you want the ashes to be scattered or displayed. Cremation offers endless possibilities for tribute and remembrance. And that's why it is the better option than burial.

Reason #6: Cremation is now widely accepted in many religions.

Cremation was once taboo in many religions, but that is no longer the case. The Vatican lifted its ban on cremation in 1963, and since then, most Christian denominations have followed suit. In 1997, the Episcopal Church approved cremation, and in 2006, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod changed its stance as well.

Are you ready to choose cremation?

Whatever your reasons for choosing cremation, know that you have plenty of company. About half of all Americans choose cremation, and that number is expected to increase in the coming years. Detroit Cremation Society is one of the best providers of cremation services in Michigan. Give us a call today at (810) 603-7249 for more details.